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Project Resnik

The land of 5700m2 is located below the Split airport, in the first row to the sea.

The land is beyond the sound reach of the airport and no aircraft take-off and landing are heard. The land has a beautiful view of the whole of Split, and below the land is a pebble beach, which is naturally fenced on both sides. Also, the land is located in the immediate vicinity of Trogir, and from the land it is possible by faster boat to be in the center of Split in an hour. The project predicts the construction of five luxury villas and two apartment buildings with four apartments each.

MANSIONS-HOMES D.O.O. will also launch a civic initiative to obtain a concession on the maritime domain, with the aim of arranging a beach and building a berth for owners of luxury villas and apartments, so that they can moor a boat directly next to their home and can head to Split or to one of the islands in nearby.

The concept of the project is on the beach from the center of Europe, and the concept applies in practice through the ability of a luxury villa owner to fly from London, Berlin, Moscow or some other world center to the airport, rent a taxi and be in the luxurious vila in just two with the possibility of being on a private boat on the way to one of the most beautiful bays on the Adriatic Sea.

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